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Time and Tide Bell

by Marcus Vergette

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Appledore, Devon


Bosta, Isle of Lewis

Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

Cemaes, Anglesey

Bell design
"This is an inspired project. The link between ourselves and the elements are in danger of being lost in our 21st century life. The importance of that link, given climate change, is more important than it ever has been and such a beautiful reminder of the importance of tides and sea levels is truly inspirational."

Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer, House of Lords

Time and Tide Bell Project

by Marcus Vergette

A permanent installation of bells around the U.K. rung by the sea at high tide.

The Time and Tide Bell has been permanently sited at the high tide mark in five location around the UK, from London to the Outer Hebrides. The rise of the water at high tide moves the clapper to strike the bell. Played by the movement of the waves, the bell creates a varying pattern. As sea level rises the periods of bell strikes become more frequent, and as submerged in the rising water the pitch will vary.

The first bell was installed in July 2009 at Appledore, Devon: the second on Bosta beach Gt. Bernera, Outer Hebrides in June 2010: the third at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London in September 2010: the fourth installed in Aberdyfi, Wales, July 2011, the fifth Cemeas Anglesey 2014

Time and Tide Medal
Time and Tide Bronze Medal

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Time and Tide bronze subscription medals are available for purchase at 50 each. Please send your payment to Marcus Vergette and the medal will be forwarded to you.

The medal has the name of each site stamped on it, as each new bell is installed the name of that site is added to the medal. Consequently the first medal only has Appledore stamped on it. All proceeds from the sale of these medals go towards funding the Time and Tide project.

See a Video of the Time and Tide Bell ringing for the first time in Appledore (on youtube).

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